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Stages of diet post bariatric surgery

Do you know that after bariatric surgery patients need to be on few stages of diet?

This is to protect the newly operated stomach and to make sure the patients can get used to the smaller capacity of the stomach.

The first stage is the clear fluid phase where you can only take transparent liquid like water for example.

Once that is tolerated, you will then proceed to the full fluid diet which still only involves liquid but they can be more of the nutritious type like milk, yoghurt drink, fruit juice or protein shakes.

You might think that it will be really difficult and torturing to be on this fluid diet phases after the operation. However, that is not really the case as the bariatric operation will make your hunger much reduced. Thus, going through this liquid stages is actually doable and well tolerated by patients.

The third stage is the soft diet phase where soft solid food can then be introduced slowly into the diet. Eggs, fish, chicken are allowed in this stage provided they are cooked until soft. During this stage, seeds/nuts and hard fruit/vegetables need to be avoided.

Once the soft diet phase has ended, patient can then eat a normal diet albeit in much smaller amount compared to before the operation as they will feel satisfied and full much quicker.

This transition can be confusing and overwhelming but we will guide you in details along the way! Our team will always be there 24/7 through all the challenges and adaptation process, so that your post bariatric life will be as smooth as possible.

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