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Are you thinking of coming to Malaysia for Bariatric Surgery? Never been to Malaysia before and feeling anxious to come? 

Don't worry, we got yourself covered. Many patients from other countries choose to come to Malaysia for bariatric or weight loss surgery due to its affordable cost but yet still maintain a high quality standard of care. 

Procedures such as gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or intragastric balloon can be done with our award winning team who have years of experience helping many people lose weight and maintained the weight loss. See the list of procedures that we offer here

Here in Andrea Bariatric Surgery, we are able to cater to the needs of patients who come to Malaysia for bariatric surgery from another country. We have served patients coming from multitude of countries such as Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Indonesia and Singapore. We will guide you along the way on how to go about the process even before you depart your home country. We can assist with the airport transfer and accommodation so that you only need to worry about preparing yourself for the surgery.  


As bariatric surgery involves a lifelong lifestyle changes, we will still be in communication with you even after you have gone back home to make sure you are not alone in navigating life as a bariatric patient and to make sure you reach your desired weight loss goal. 


For overseas patients, your journey typically will be as following:

Step 1

Fill out our enquiry form to give us the necessary information to be reviewed by our doctors to suggest the best type of treatment for you

Step 2

We will reply to your enquiry with the suggested treatment / procedure together with the price quotation. We may ask for more information or you can ask us for more details in order to come up with the best treatment plan. 

Step 3

Once you agree with the treatment plan and the corresponding date, book a flight ticket to come to Malaysia. Let us know of your flight itinerary. 

Step 4

Our staff will be waiting for you at the airport arrival gate and we will bring you to the hospital for admission process and in-person doctor consultation.

Step 5

Surgery or procedure done the next day following admission.Typical hospital stay duration would be 2-3 nights.

Step 6

Discharge from hospital to hotel of your choosing. Feel free to explore the city and enjoy Malaysian hospitality. Daily check-in with the treating team to update on condition and progress.

Step 7

Final thorough review with doctor, dietitian and fitness trainer before departure to home country. Typical length of stay in Malaysia is about 7-8 days in total.  

Step 8

Constant remote communication with the treating team to update on weight loss progress, tips and guides to achieve best result and troubleshooting any problems during weight loss journey.    


Many people think that in bariatric surgery journey, the crucial part is the surgery and everything will fall into place after the operation. However, in order to get the best results and outcome, post surgery aftercare is equally important. Without the proper support and guidance, many things can go wrong after bariatric operation like food intolerance, malnutrition and excessive muscle loss.


Therefore, in Andrea Bariatric Surgery, we pride ourselves in guiding our patients to achieve their best outcome long after the surgery. Our dedicated and multidisciplinary team members are equipped and ready to help you navigate post bariatric surgery life. We will always keep in touch with our patients and assist accordingly to make sure you reach your weight loss goal. Be it nutritional support or physical activity recommendations we will be there with you along the way.


Darren, Australia

"Very happy to be where I am at the moment"

*Weight loss result may vary from individual to individual

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