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Intragastric balloon works by reducing the available space within the stomach, thereby promoting a feeling of fullness and reducing food intake.. No surgery or hospitalisation is required. There are 2 options for intragastric balloon:

1) Allurion Elipse Swallowable Intragastric balloon

2) SPATZ3 Endoscopic Intragastric balloon


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Allurion Elipse balloon is a pill balloon capsule which is swallowed under guidance of Healthcare Professionals without anaesthesia or endoscopy. 

After swallowing, the balloon will be inflated in your stomach after a quick check with X-ray to confirm balloon positioning.  

After about 16 weeks, the balloon will degrade and leave the body naturally

This balloon is safe, simple and can be used to kickstart your weight loss journey. You will be guided during this period on healthy eating and other lifestyle changes to ensure good results and long lasting weight loss.

Benefits of Allurion Elipse balloon:

1) Insertion via swallowing, doesn't require endoscopy or anaesthesia

2) No need for removal, balloon will degrade and pass out naturally after 16 weeks

3) Outpatient insertion not requiring admission

4) Can be combined with other weight loss medications to ehance result 

Allurion Elipse balloon is suitable for:

1) Patients who want to lose weight without going through surgery or sedative procedure

2) Patients who struggle with eating portion control

3) Out of town or overseas patients due to short recovery period and not having to come back for balloon removal

Allurion Elipse


Gastric Balloon_edited.jpg

SPATZ3 is an adjustable balloon system where the unique inflation port allows balloon volume additions or subtractions alterations after the implantation. This allows your doctor to start at a lower volume initially (less uncomfortable), and then increase the volume gradually.

This can be done multiple times. Patients who are intolerant can have their balloon volumes diminished. This provides comfort and caters to more effective weight loss.

Intragstric balloon insertion is done endoscopically under sedation. No hospital stay is required and patients will be discharged on the same day of the procedure.

Benefits of SPATZ3 Balloon:

1) The only balloon in the world that can be size adjusted

2) Size can be made bigger if weight loss plateau

3) Size can be made smaller if too much discomfort after insertion

4) Sits in your stomach for 1 year (Ample time to change our behaviour towards food)

SPATZ3 Balloon is suitable for:

1) Patients who prefer longer duration with balloon (Maximum 1 year)

2) Patients who prefer flexibility in balloon size (adjustable balloon volume)

3) Patients who are able to come back for balloon removal procedure

4) Patients who are fit to go through sedation procedure

Doctor's Desk

Intragastric Balloon Steps

Our Strength: Comprehensive and Multidisciplinary Expertise


Consultation and pre-procedure assessment

Before the surgery, the patient begins with a pre-procedure assessment. During this consultation, the doctor explains the balloon options available, helping the patient choose the most suitable one based on their health and weight loss goals. The doctor will also discuss potential risks, benefits, and expected outcomes, ensuring the patient is well-informed and prepared.


Balloon Insertion Day

The insertion procedure will depend on balloon type chosen.

For Allurion Elipse balloon, the capsule swallowing procedure will be done in outpatient doctor's office. 

For SPATZ3 balloon, the insertion procedure will be done in endoscopy room in the daycare suite. 

Both balloon types do not require hospitalisation and patient can go back on the same day.


Recovery and Downtime

Typically after the balloon insertion, patients can expect some nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort in the first 2-3 days. During this period you will be given supportive treatment e.g. intravenous hydration and medications in our clinic as outpatient to minimise the symptoms and to prevent dehydration. During this recovery period patients will also be put on liquid only diet to enhance recovery. Travelling far during this period is not advisable.

Patients can expect to be able to go back to normal daily routine by Day 3 or 4 after insertion.



Close Monitoring and Full Aftercare

Once the balloon is inside the stomach, the journey continues with attentive after procedure care. Patients transition to a carefully planned intragastric balloon diet that starts with liquids and gradually progresses to solid foods.  Patients work on mindful eating habits, regular exercise, and the incorporation of a healthier daily routine. Patients also attend regular follow-up appointments with the healthcare team. 

For Allurion Elipse Balloon the balloon will degrade and being passed out naturally after 16 weeks.

For SPATZ3 Balloon patients need to come back before 1 year for the balloon removal procedure.

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