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Struggling with weight?

One appointment may change your life

Our Services

Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery to help with weight loss by modifying digestive system. Minimally invasive approach is used which lead to minimal discomfort and faster recovery. Few types of surgery are available depending on your clinical needs.

Intragastric Balloon

Insertion of balloon into stomach to induce early fullness and satiety when eating, thus reducing portion size. Elipse Allurion and SPATZ3 balloon is available

Weight Loss Medications

Anti-Obesity medications (AOM) to help with weight loss by reducing hunger, appetite and cravings e.g. Saxenda, Contrave or Duromine

Anti reflux surgery_edited.png

Acid Reflux Surgery

Surgical procedure performed to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and its associated symptoms. It is typically considered when other treatment options, such as lifestyle changes and medications, have failed to provide adequate relief.


Price list of our commonly done procedures / services

Coming from another country?

We have helped many patients come to Malaysia for bariatric surgery as medical tourists. You can be the next one

Andrea Bariatric Surgery

One stop centre for weight management

Our centre specialises in weight management utilising both surgical and non-surgical methods. Our team has helped many people achieve and sustain their ideal weight over the years. With a multi-disciplinary approach, we pride ourselves in guiding our patients to reach their desired goal, every step along the way. We believe weight loss is a lifelong journey, thus our patients can be assured that we will always be present to support them.

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