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Struggling with weight?

One appointment may change your life

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Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery is the most clinically effective way to lose weight and keep the weight off for many years. Minimally invasive approach is used which lead to minimal discomfort and faster recovery. Few types of surgery are available depending on your clinical needs.

Weight Loss Blog

Many people all over the world struggle with weight problem. Despite increased awareness and effort by the public to lose weight, many still struggle with it. People often blame themselves for their failure but the reality is much more complex. Learn more about the science and biology of weight loss

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Weight loss result may vary from individual to individual

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Thanks to Bariatric Surgery, I am a more confident person now

SUHAILI, Malaysia

We have helped many patients who come to Malaysia for bariatric surgery as medical tourists. You can be the next one

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Coming from another country?

Andrea Bariatric Surgery

One stop centre for weight management

Our centre specialises in weight management utilising both surgical and non-surgical methods. Our team has helped many people achieve and sustain their ideal weight over the years. With a multi-disciplinary approach, we pride ourselves in guiding our patients to reach their desired goal, every step along the way. We believe weight loss is a lifelong journey, thus our patients can be assured that we will always be present to support them.

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